Thursday, September 27, 2012

Growing Grace

God's Love for His children is a never changing reality... it never increases and never decreases.  As children of God, we ARE CHANGED by God's love and His grace!  Every day we experience the life-changing power of the Father that transforms our hearts.  There are other ways that Grace Village is growing as well.  In just three months, Grace Church has experienced growth in attendance, salvations, baptisms, pastoral staff, ushers, and we are meeting every weekday morning for prayer and Bible Study from 6AM-7AM.  God is growing Grace!  Our most recent additions to the Grace Church staff are our two new pastors, Worship Pastor Wesley Altime and Preaching Pastor Gary St. Hubert.  God is not wasting any time bringing very talented and passionate pastors to reach the lost in Titanyen!

Pastor Wesley and Robb leading worship.

We have added a full band to our morning worship with a keyboard, lead, acoustic and bass guitars, and drums.  We were worshipping accapella for the first month, but now we are worshipping with many instruments and a new sound system that can send the music down the hill into Titanyen, inviting many to come and see where the music is coming from.  Every week we preach the Gospel message and every week people are accepting Christ!  We have this wonderful space problem, now that around 400 people are coming to worship the Lord on Sunday mornings.  After we worship in song (about 30-45 mintues), we release our children to a patio area where another staff member teaches a Bible lesson.  I am Blessed to get to preach every weekday morning, on Wednesday nights and once a month on Sundays.  We are praying that God will continue to grow Grace Church to become strong disciples of Jesus Christ and grow the Church numerically as well.

We are so very thankful that God has called us to serve in a variety of ways in Haiti.  This week a team from Rockpoint Church came to serve for the week.  They also brought many presents for Benjamin, our son, who turned 11 on September 24. The team also brought 11 bags of skittles... thanks Rockpoint team!  We served together this week with the Healing Haiti water truck ministry in Cite Soliel and shared the Gospel at two of the sites where several children made decisions to believe in Jesus Christ!  Our hearts and eyes were opened to what God is doing in other parts of Haiti... through bringing fresh water to a city that is thirsty for water and for Jesus!

Children's Church with Pastor Guilliame.

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