Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scorpions and Blessings!

Thank you Slumberland!

Our first 2 weeks at Grace Village have been filled with many blessings, opportunities and surprises!  We have settled into our house and are so thankful for our home.  The beautiful furniture donated by Slumberland arrived safely and it was fun to unpack it from the storage container.

While the days are hot and sunny, the nights are cooler and often there is a 30 minute thunderstorm that brings a bit of rain.  We are thankful for the fans each night to lull us to sleep.

Each morning we are greeted with the children's worship singing after breakfast.  Every evening we join them for worship before bed.  Robb enjoys praying with the children at night and tucking them into bed.

Our little neighbor : )

Ben loves the wildlife we are discovering right in our home... scorpions, crickets, grasshoppers and even a 4 inch centipede!  What he really loves is chasing the little pink lizards.

We were extremely BLESSED last week when a team from Rockpoint Church came to serve.  They were all part of the worship band at the Church service last Sunday, but left that afternoon after a great prayer time together.  Many of the students prayed that God's Spirit would move to bring many to make decisions to follow Jesus.  That night after they returned to Port-au-Prince we shared the Gospel at a gathering and 22 street kids from Titanyen made decisions to follow Jesus!  We are amazed daily by how God is moving and providing opportunities to share the Gospel and we have only been here a few weeks!  Pray for those 22 kids that met Jesus at GV!

Morgan reading in the hammock on the back patio.

Ben's new barber!

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  1. So great to keep up with every day life there. Praying tons for God to use your family to do mighty things.